Barn Doors- Sliding Into Style

     Barn doors come in all different types of wood species and sizes. A barn door can be used to serve as a decorative piece on the wall, to open and close places off, or to hide areas such as closets, pantries, or tv and entertainment centers. With there being so many different types of barn doors there is no leading style. Barn doors are not only stylish but they also add visual interest to the rooms they are placed in.

     If you are looking for a door to fit in a tight space, consider using a barn door with the sliding function rather than a regular door which swings in or out. Since barn doors are beginning to grow more and more popular, there are also more and more types of hardware coming out to help accent the door and room that it hangs in. 

      One popular type of barn door is a rustic style. Typically a knotty wood species is used to achieve this look as well as letting the natural look show with a clear coat finish. The rustic styled doors seem to be accompanied by exposed and heavier duty hardware giving it the authentic outdoor barn feel. 







     Another popular style is contemporary which is typically painted and has more of a modern look. Many homeowners like the style of barn doors but do not necessarily want the barn look accented. Instead they are combining function with fashion to have things like an office have things tucked away when not in use.


     No matter what style you go with, even the DIY-er can install it!