Custom Products

National Door and Trim knows custom!

From our extensive product lines, we offer a wide range of customizable items. A few examples of our current custom projects include: A newel that’s a century in the making, a barn door pair that is sure to be a conversation starter and a ladder that will take one loft to the next level.

The newel pictured here was made to match existing woodwork in a 100-plus year old home. The customer is looking to bring the home, originally owned by his grandparents, back to life by merging an addition to the existing house. 

The custom newel is just one example of how ND&T is making this transformation possible. After matching the size, design, wood species and color, this newel is indistinguishable from its century-old counterparts.

A barn door can add a welcoming feel to any room, and the pair below is no exception! The sheer size and outstanding color are used as an excellent statement piece in the room.

Each door stands four-feet-wide and seven-feet-tall and is made from paint-grade poplar. The doors, which were completed in about three weeks, demand the attention of any passerby – and that’s before taking the color into account! The pair was finished off with a vibrant, Sherwin Williams 'Calypso' to ensure that these barn doors never go unnoticed. 

Specialty items are always fun to watch being crafted in the ND&T shop, and the ladder below was no different! It is to be the finishing touch to a customer’s loft and is fully equipped with grooved handrails to make for an easy ascent. As opposed to the barn doors, this custom creation - also made from poplar - was made to blend in seamlessly with the room and also provide functionality for those looking to retreat to the loft.

Whether you are remodeling, adding on or looking for a match for a hard-to-find accent piece, ND&T is here to help. Contact one of our sales reps to start the process of creating a perfect custom piece that will blend in or stand out!