Meet Dana Smith

Meet Dana Smith, the longest-tenured employee in the shop here at National Door and Trim. Dana began working here on October 3rd, 1985.  On the trimline, he is known as the “fix it man”. 

Some advice that Dana would hand out comes from his father; who said to  always do the best of your ability to put out a quality product and put the customers first. His favorite part about his job is working with the people, that now over the years he calls them friends, and putting out a quality product together.

Dana has three sons, a daughter, and three step-daughters. He has seventeen grandchildren and is happily married to his wife Bobbi, who is a breast cancer survivor. Dana tries to set the best example possible for his children and grandchildren, and is always willing to put his family first. In his free time he enjoys working with wood outside of National Door at home. He has also helped his son Ian with lawn care work for many years and enjoys the opportunity to spend time with him. 

While working here, he has been through all 3 of our moves. The first move was when the company outgrew our first location on Zimmerman Road in 1999, then built at the location we are currently at today. In 2002, this location was destroyed by a tornado which forced the employees to move to a vacant location in Ohio City. While employees were out at the temporary location, the rebuilding process began and the third move took place. Not only have locations changed, but also the technology used on the trimline.

    When Dana started working here, we used spray hand guns to stain the products. They sprayed an oil based stain which is not used anymore and the lacquers have changed as well. Instead we now use a water based stain which is a lot cleaner, easier, and safer for the employees and the environment. From 1985 to now, he has seen a lot of things become more automated. He enjoys the automation but also tells us there is a lot more maintenance that goes along with it.

    When asked about Dana, the president of our company, Tom Turnwald, responded with, “I’ve worked with Dana my entire career. Dana has a wonderful personality that creates a fun work atmosphere and at the same time, he always gets his job done with careful attention to quality. He’s got a big heart and his efforts are greatly appreciated.”

    Thank you Dana for your hard work and dedication you continue to put into our company!