Organization for the Real Kitchen

There are so many different ways to organize your kitchen. Whether it be with pull-out spice racks or being able to have the luxury of a pantry, organization is always a must no matter the size of your kitchen. 


Pull-Out Trash Can

You can now store your trash can and recycling bin in the same drawer. This feature allows you to hide your trash can and recycling bin so it is not sitting out in the kitchen.


Cutlery Storage Drawer

This drawer is not only made to save space, but also for convenience. Whether you have your silverware in a horizontal divided drawer or standing vertical in a shallow drawer, it utilizes all the space. The homeowner's preference depends on what type of space the kitchen has.



A lot of times spices tend to take over a full kitchen cupboard. When the spices are stacked one behind the other it can be hard to find what you are looking for. Some new and improved ways to organize these are drawers and cabinets as shown below.


Pull-Out Below Sink Drawer

Having a below the sink pull-out drawer utilizes the storage space so everything you need is an arm’s length away. It is also convenient to see all the different supplies that are stored without having to dig through and move other supplies.

Pantry Pull-Out Shelves

This is a fully adjustable option for easy access to everything in your pantry. The pull out shelves allow you to save space and see all the items in your pantry when the drawer is pulled out.

Cutting Board Over Trash Can

What is more convenient than a pull out cutting board over a pull out trash can? The cutting board is designed with a hole towards the front of the board to easily throw away scraps without taking up extra space.

Appliance Garage/ Vertical Lift

This is a great feature to have when wanting to hide things like a toaster or blender without removing it from the counter all together.

Here at National Door and Trim, we can help with the endless ways to organize your kitchen!