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Many projects require specialized door construction, framing, and hardware requirements to meet the goals of the owners and architect. National Door & Trim supplies architectural doors for many different types of projects, and is also a fire-rated shop with the Warnock Hersey Mark label and can machine fire-rated doors.


Supported by the leading brands in the industry, National Door & Trim provides wood commercial-grade doors for any environment.

These are doors built with aesthetically pleasing characteristics, but able to withstand the toughest environments.

  • Flush Doors
  • Stile and Rail
  • Laminates
  • Impact Resistant

With various options designs, core compositions, and veneer options, our team can provide doors with both visual appeal and purpose. Each door is meant to withstand the harshest environment while still maintaining the beauty and inspiration of the Architects and Owners.


When it comes to durability, longevity, and security, many of our clients turn to hollow metal doors and frames for the best valued product.

The industry provides a wide variety of options in regards to gauge of material, fire rating, and glazing features.

National Door & Trim is aligned with several of the most well-known hollow metal brands in the industry, giving us the flexibility to choose the best partner for each job.

From standard frames and doors, to full custom borrowed lite designs, National Door & Trim has your team covered.


Security on projects is priority #1 for our owner and developer partners.

Keeping their communities and resident’s safe is paramount. Our team of subject matter experts carefully analyze each opening to ensure the best product is provided for maximum security and functionality requirements. Commercial-grade hardware should be used in areas of high-use and frequent abuse areas to minimize maintenance costs and ensure long-term sustainability of that hardware. 

Correct hardware is vital for security and fire hazard concerns. Each project is different and our team has developed relationships with the most recognizable brands in the industry to provide clients assurance that the product being supplied is reputable and will meet their goals.

Our clients also appreciate our creative thinking to provide alternative options without sacrificing performance of the hardware that protects not only the property but the people within it.

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